Why is your coaching website not working as it should?

Your coaching business’ website is your number one sales tools. Am I right?
I am sure you totally agree with me on this one. Hence, you have to make sure that your website is working as it should.
I have worked with business coaches and life style coaches, who have an online presence. But, their websites are not helping them achieve their goals.
Keep in mind, some of these websites have beautiful designs and fonts..
My goal with this blog post is to help you understand what in your website is not working and give you a few tips on improving it.
So who is this blog post for:
1. Business Coaches
2. Life style Coaches
3. Fitness coaches
If you meet the criteria above, continue reading. If not, I am sure you will still learn a lot in this post.
So let’s dive in….

In this article, I’m going to give you three solutions to help improve the performance of your coaching website.

Let’s start with one of the biggest core problems…
I will say is that most coaches websites are build by corporate marketing firms that do not really understand how to translate a coach passion into a design. As a result, the websites that are design are not really aimed at the target market.
Let’s say you visiting a life style coach, you would imagine a simple, relaxing ambiance on the website. Yet, you might find yourself in a corporate looking website. How does this make you feel about the life style coach?
corporate websites for coaches
Instead, imaging entering a website that is gives you a sense of relaxation, smooth colors and fonts that help align the content with the same feeling. Now this is more like it, isn’t it?

evercoach website

Your Coaching website needs to invite and engage with your ideal customer


This is one of the main reasons why creating user personas for your coaching business is key. Your coaching website needs to be inviting and appealing to your clients.

The first thing, potential customers for your coaching business do is like at over asthetics of your site, the content and images.

Well, no matter what type of coaching you do, it is a personal engagenment between you and that specific customer. One of the biggest ‘no no’ is talking about yourself in the third person. This is not emotional, instead, this creates a distant between you and that one client.
Coaching is about building trust and a personal connect.. 

Your coaching website is not showing that you are an expert on your field.


I have yet to meet a coach that woke up one day and was able to coach. I am sure, it has taken you years and in those years you built tone expertese and knowledge that you are ready to share.
Here is where videos and testimonials come in hand. In any lifestyle coaching website, videos are a must. There is nothing like creating a feeling, where you can actually see two persons experiencing an emotions.
Show your customers you care about your clients, and the results they have been able to achieve with your work. If you are a fitness coach, make sure to have before and after pictures, with some text or videos. This alone will help you increase your coaching business performance.

Your brand message is lacking a voice


Let’s imagine you are a fitness coach. You have created a website for your coaching business and a identity. Your branding is okay, but it needs a bit alignment to meet your customer needs.

Then, a person who needs motivation comes into your website. And reads ‘Change your body today’. What would this mean to them? is that message clear to your customers?

Remember, that everyone sees and understands things from their point of view. If your message is strong and engaging, it will make them read more and click on those amazing call to actions you have on your website.
When you are coaching, you are serving your customers. The idea is to create an experience that show cases what your value proposition as a coach is to them.
Go to your website and see if there you notice some of the elements I have described above. If so that is okay, every part of a business can be enhanced and aligned towards achieving its goals.
If you are a coach or a coach’s client, let us know in the comments what else you like to see on coaching websites. Let’s create a conversation.
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