Search Engine Optiomization in Grenada:
A case study of  Real Estate Agency SEO 

How can search engine optimization help your business?

Search engine optimization is a new topic that many digital marketing experts are using. But, it has been here for a few years. SEO allows your business to be found on Google when customers are searching for keywords related to your business. It allows you to drop the cost of ad expenses, while creating a sense of authority to your website.


About this project

Search Engine optimization in Grenada services have been able to help  a lot of business to get more traffic and visitors to their businesses. Over the last few years many real estate agencies have developed in the island of Grenada. Hence, being able to rank on Google was key for Coldwell Banker. Hence, we provided them with great search engine optimization services to help them achieve their goals.



Our Search Engine Marketing Strategist were contacted by Coldwell Bankers to help them achieve better rankings on Google. This project required for our client to be found on Google, but also to get more traffic and eventually generate more leads. The biggest challange here was the competitive market they operate in. Search engine optimization in the Caribbean provided us with difficult ranking keywords and competitors who are all trying to sell similar or the same properties.  


We started with a website’s audit. Where we created a list from which we compared performance of the website with the latest standards of Google’s and Bing’s Algorithms. From here we worked towards understanding target market, the demographic of the personas they are targeting and they way they behave within the website and on social media platforms. Also, we completed a competitive report where we learned what others are doing and what they are trying to accomplish with their online marketing. From here the digital strategist team created a strategy that will take place every month for the first six months of Search Engine Optimization


In real estate SEO there is something called ‘Open listing properties’ what this means is that multiple real estate websites have the same property. Therefore, the same content. In SEO this tells Google that the website has copied content. In order to solve this we created a Robot.txt document that blocked those properties from Google and only allows Google to see the pages and properties that are fully controlled by our client and our team.


The website was built a few years ago and as it was not a website redesign project, we had to work with the current platform to enhance the URLs. We had to create a .Htaccess file where we indicated the way the urls are to be written by the content management system. Also, we worked towards adding money keywords, and start of the funnel keywords to help them increase chances of being found on Google and Big search engines.

Within the first three months, we were able to move the client from the second page on Google to the first page on Google at position 8. This helped them increase website visitors and traffic by 126.8%.


On the audit we created, there were only 27 backlinks to this website. As a result, the website’s domain authority was relative low and was really hurting the performance of the website on Google and Bing. We created a monthly strategy for link building of high authority domains to help the URL build that strong authority that it needed. 

By the end of the engagement we were able to build over 1,047 back links from websites that are related to their field of business. As a result, this was took the domain authority from 0.01 to 2.9 in a timeline of six months


Our web development team worked towards changing the structure of the website to make it more organized for crawlers and also for the visitors. We were able to align property types and create related pages that made it easier to navigate. 

Once we were done creating this structure we created sitemaps.xml files that were submitted into Google and Bing. At the start of the project, there were only 15 pages indexed by Google. By the end of the project we were able to submit 579 pages.


Monthly Impressions: 10,256+
Average Position: 12
Average Position for main keywords: 3
CTR: 65.8% (Click through rate)

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