Do you need a website redesign? Find out!

Over the last few years, I have noticed that website design projects follow the same path.

First businesses realize they need a website or a redesign and they look at their options. Then, they find the right freelancer or business that will do a website as they say it should be. A few months later, they have a website.

And that is it until 1.5 to 2 years down the line…

This process was okay for most companies. Actually, most websites out there were built using this methodology.

And the same thing happened when a company needed a website redesign. They will wonder why their website is not giving the results and contact a freelancer or agency.

Then, they will come up with the latest website trends and development one base on it. Three to Six months later, there is a new website that is launch to the market and remains the same for the months to come.

But what is the biggest issue with this? It seems simple and straight forward doesn’t it?

The biggest problem is that the new website or the redesign will remain stale and will not adapt to your customers as your business grows.

This is where Growth Driven Design has taken over.

Instead of going through the traditional methods and looking at the latest trends, it allows you to create a website that is 100% compatible with your customers.


My main goal with this post, is to help you understand if you need a website redesign. Also, I want to tell you about growth driven design, as I know website redesign can be expensive and full of headaches.

So why should you consider a website redesign at all..

Getting your website back to speed can be a huge help for your business. Actually, over 90% of potential customers are on the web.

They are finding the right business for all their problems with just one click or a search on google. Hence, your website needs to be able to help them accomplish this goal.

Also, your business needs to create a powerful brand presence. To be honest, having an online presence is the best way to go. It helps you create brand awareness locally and even internationally if that is your goal.

Furthermore, it gives you the ability to show case your products 24 / 7. As you may know your website is your number 1 sales and marketing representative. As a result, it is supposed to help you engage and generate leads while you take care of the business.

Now we know why your website needs to be up to date and constantly adapting to your customers.

Let’s talk on how you can find out if you need a website redesign..

I have also added a FREE checklist that will allow you to do this by yourself with ease.

1. Are you getting the results you want?

Think about how your website is currently performing. Is it helping you increase sales, get more traffic? If not, then you need to consider if a few tweaks can do the job. If not, then you might need a full website redesign.

2. Has the purpose of your website change?

Most business are constantly changing and so are your goals. It is key to re-evaluate your website even if you getting results. Then, ask yourself if the results you are getting are exactly what your business needs.

3. Understand what is not working on your site

Is your site confusing to navigate? Have you got sliders on the front page? Not enough content? all these are key aspects of a website.

4. Do you need to update the platform or framework?

If your current website is not mobile friendly, then you really need to consider a redesign. More than 80% of customers view websites on their mobile devices. Also, think about the opportunities for growth that your current frame work provides.

5. Do you have a strategy if you need to redesign?

Once you have answered the previous questions, it is time for you to think about a strategy. You have gathered what works and does not work, so it is time to move forward.

6. How has your business, marketing and other goals changed since you first did this website?

Your website is part of your business, hence it needs to continue to change as your business does. Think about the message it sends to your customers and what allows them to do.

7. What are your competitors doing?

Usually, I do not like to focus too much on competitors. But when it comes to websites, you need to see what they are doing with their website. Is your website making you stand out? is it letting your value proposition show over your competitors? Does it look similar to their own?

8. Do you need a content strategy?

Content is king! Every website needs a content strategy. By doing this it helps you educate your customer better and helps you rank on Google and Bing.

9. Do you need to update your website features?

Many websites are using pluggins and custom made features. Are these up to date? are they working? are your customers using them?

10. How is your SEO?

If your site is not up to date, then most likely your SEO is being hurt. Most of the latest SEO techniques need constant updates. Consider doing a SEO audit on your website.

 It is important for you to choose the right methods to accomplish a website redesign. If you have any other questions you think should be answered when considering a website redesign comment below. Also, if you have any questions about redesigning your website, comment below. Let’s create a conversation




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