10 ways to enhance your social media marketing.

Marketing on Facebook can be easy and help you generate your goals. For this blog I have been doing a bit of it myself.

Currently most of traffic is coming from Organic Search and Instagram! yes, Instagram. Over the last few weeks I have increase my Instagram followers from 452 to 520. My followers from Twiter have also been checking out and reading the content on my website.

I am not spending a lot of money on this, actually just $1USD or $2 USD per day. There are a few other things I want to ensure are good, before I dive deep into social media marketing.

I wrote a blog with similar content to this one for LionDevelopment’s website. As a result, I will enhance the previous marketing on facebook blog. Also, I will share a few more tips that can help you save money and time.

My Social Media Analytics are as follow:

Instagram:  Sept 7th 410 Followers / Sept 20th 524 Followers

Facebook Page: Sept 7th 0 Followers / Sept 20th 60 Followers

Twitter: Sept 7th 0 Followers / Sept 20th 77 Followers

This may not seem like much right? But guess what, the followers I am getting are very interactive. This is key for the network I am trying to build here.

What you will learn today:

  1. Analyze your competitors
  2. Understand your Facebook Audience
  3. When is the best time to post on Facebook
  4. What to post on Facebook
  5. Create landing pages within Facebook
  6. Get more people to view your post
  7. Use paid Ads
  8. When to promote post
  9. Test Strategy

Marketing on Facebook can help you save time and money!  

All companies are taking great advantage of social media. They are using it to generate leads and turn them into customers. With the help of companies like Facebook we are able to expand our reach world wide.

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your social media marketing? We all have!

One thing about social media marketing is that it can take a lot of your time if not managed right. As I work with clients to improve their social media presence, I have noticed a few patterns. These patterns have allowed me to create succesful campaigns for them and for my companies.

Before I dive in with you to talk about the different steps you can take, let’s talk about Facebook for a bit.

Did you know Facebook alone has over 1.654 billion users? Guess what? These users are actively engaged with content posted by businesses like yours. Most people spend at least 20 minutes on Facebook before they move on to other social platforms. This gives you great opportunities to show case your business.

In the last quarter of Facebook, they told us that there are over 50 million businesses. Also, most of them are creating ads or boosting posts.

Yes, Facebook makes great profits…

Let’s talk about marketing on Facebook. In this blog, I will show 5 easy steps that will help you to do better social media marketing.

Analyze your competitors

The best way to find out where to start, is by analyzing doing this main step.

Competitor’s analysis allows you to see:

  • What they are doing
  • The type of content they are using
  • Their strategy

If you are familiar with Facebook insights, you will know about an option called ‘Pages to Watch‘. This option may not provide you with a lot of data, but it is good to add your competitors to this list.

How to do this:

To find this feature, scroll all the way down on your insights page and you will see ‘Pages to Watch’. Here you can add your competitors pages or look at what Facebook recommends.  When this feature was first released, we were only able to see the total page likes. As from the last update you will be able to see:

  • The number of posts per week
  • User engagement
  • New  likes
  • Engagement report

Understand your Facebook Audience

Many people do not pay attention to their audience. As a result, a lot of the time and money spent on social media will not create a return of investment. Facebook insights allows you to see everything from posts to demographics.

If you click on the Insights tab, you will see on the left side an option titled ‘People’.

Click on it and it will show you all your demographics.

You will be able to see your fans, people who have already liked your page and, people who your posts have reached to. From working on your business you will know which is your target demographic. If you do not have one yet, check out my blog on 4 ways to create your target market.

When to post on Facebook

This is one of the most asked questions by my clients. If I were to tell you a specific time or tell you the one for my company, it will only harm your business. Posting on Facebook takes time, if you want to make this an easier tasks make sure to use a post planner tool.

Hootsuite: Allows you to link all your social media platforms into one account. The basic solutions are free, and let’s you schedule posts to your facebook page.

Postplanner: This web application is great, I have been using it for a while now. It allows you to schedule post is a organized manner, but also gives you content that is engaging! Makes the job a lot easier. Unlike Hootsuite, Post Planner is not FREE. The cost is just $7USD per month and allows you to sync different social pages into one platform.

Now that you have the tools to schedule your post, let’s go to Facebook to find out when is the best time to schedule. Click on the insight tab and choose ‘Posts’. The first thing you will see is a graph that tells you when your visitors are online.

This varies from business to business. Actually, from page to page. In the image below, you will notice some of the peek times are 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 6:00pm, 8:00pm. Just above this graph you will be able to see the days from Sunday to Saturday. This will help you in scheduling more posts for the days you have more users.

What to post of Facebook

Your posts on facebook needs to be engaging. Getting your readers attention right away. You need to try to use posts like ‘5 ways to do XYZ’ or ’10 best real estate opportunities’. This type of post drives users into trying to find out more. In previous blogs I wrote on 4 tips for better content marketing. Improving your content will help you rank and make your users share your content.

Let’s look at how to do this through analytics. If you go back to your insight page, click on the option ‘Posts’. At the top of the page you will see another option ‘Post Types’. This option allows you to see which type of posts are working better. It gives you the ability to see if your images are more effective than link posts or even videos. To the right, it shows you the average engagement and reactions to your post. Look for the highest one, and pay attention to what made that post rank better.

Create landing pages within Facebook

Landing pages are different from web pages and your home page. The purpose of this type of pages is to help you sale a product, get leads or signs ups.

There are many tools that you can use if you do not know how to code.

One of the tools I will recommend is Wishpond. This application allows you to create  landing, pop ups and other marketing strategies.  What makes this tool so great, is that the templates available are all set to convert.

Another plus I will give Wishpond, is the ability it gives you to create landing pages for your website and Facebook. As a result, you can use it as a lead generation tool on social media.

Get more people to view your post

This is one of the statements i hear the most. Facebook has release media about this concern. They said that this can happen due to:

  • We are not sharing enough content through the day
  • The algorithm used by Facebook was build to show more relevant information to its users.

To give yourself the best chance of making it into your fans’ feeds, use the following strategies for your organic posts:

  • Use videos as part of your posting strategy. Videos attract 75% more users than any other type of media. Previous research showed that videos converted 8.7% better than images.
  • Check your page Insight: Take a look at your insight to see what has worked better in the past. If you notice a trend, then start to work with it.
  • Create Engaging content: If you are promoting post or adding a video, make sure your content is engaging. You want users to read or listen to what you have to say and share it after.

Use paid ads to improve marketing on facebook

Even though it is good to get organic likes to your post or page, you may want to add a paid option to this. Currently, on Facebook you will find two main ways to use paid advertising.

Post boosts: Boosting a post will increase it’s visibility in users’ newsfeeds. You can choose to have your post shown to your page fans, friends of your fans, or a custom target market. Targeting options for your posts include interests, age, gender, and location.

How to do this?

  1. Click on ‘Boost’ when creating a new post. You will also find this setting on old posts if you want to boost a post that’s already been published.

Using this method is a quick and easy way to extend your post’s reach. I would recommend you to boost post that are from your website or content relevant to you.

Promoted posts: This option gives more options to promote than the Boost post option.

To access this option, you need to go to the Facebook’s Ad Generator. Even though it serves the same purpose as Boosting, it will give you better budgeting and targeting options.

When to promote a post on Facebook

Promoting a post needs to be a smart decision. Generally speaking, you will promote posts help you achieve a goal, like driving traffic to your website. When you have a strong post to promote, I will recommend if you use the following formula:

Best practices for promoting or ‘stirring’ a Facebook post include asking yourself a number of questions about the shelf-life (S), timing (T), impact (I) and results (R) of your post, as seen here:

Facebook ads: Facebook offers a variety of other advertising options apart from promoting a single post. You can choose your ad type based on many objectives. As we’ve already discussed, one of these objectives is boosting or promoting a post.

Rotate your ad every 1-2 weeks: Particularly if you’re using specific targeting for your ad (and are therefore advertising over and over to a relatively small audience), it’s important to change up your ad’s image and copy every week or two. Using the same content over and over will result in “ad fatigue” or “banner blindness”, decreasing the chances of your ad getting noticed and clicked on.

Conclusion for marketing on Facebook

Now you have the basics to help you with your marketing on Facebook.

Using a platform like Facebook for marketing your business is a great idea. The market reach on this platform is great and will continue to expand. Understanding your audience is key, as well as providing great content.

Use social media to educate your clients, give them a behind the scenes of what your business is doing and keep them engaged.

Are there any other methods you have implemented for marketing on Facebook? Share with us in the comments below!

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