Content Marketing: 6 great methods to promoting your content right away

A few weeks ago, I started to work on creating great content. And now, I am working on finding the best strategies for content marketing.

One of my first posts was about starting a new blog and making it profitable. To assist with this goal, I need to ensure my content can reach my target market.

As a result, I have started to work with a marketing funnel that will help me reach my target audience.

There are some people whose marketing strategies have helped them reach 1000+ daily readers. One thing they all have in common, is the great content they are sharing.

This post will cover some of the best content marketing strategies that you can start using to promote your content. Also, the most successful marketers are using them, and getting great results.

let’s dive right into today’s topic.

When you think about content marketing, think about three main things.

1. Creating great content

2. Making sure you have index it into Google and Bing

3. Promoting this content to your target audience.

So far, I have showed  you how to write great content. Now, I will show you ways to promote it.

#1 Strategy to promote new content: Mail List

If you are looking to promote content, creating  mailing list is a top priority. As a result, you will be able to tell your members about your blog post any time you publish new content.

There are a couples ways I will recommend you to do this. First, you can create an email with part of the article and then add a read more to it. Second, you can create the email with an introduction and a few of your best blog posts.

One thing I will encourage, is to create personalized emails. There is nothing worst for user engagement than sending the same template to your users.


Hi Name,

I just wanted to shared with you my latest blog.

I know that content marketing is key for your business. So, I have created a  list of great ways to help you promote your content.

One of the most common ways is through email marketing. It helps you get your audience’s attention all the time…..Read more

Thanks for continuing to share my content. If there is anything you need help with, let me know. You have helped me by visiting my website!


#2 Strategy to promote new content: Use Twitter and Instagram

Ever since I have been an active member on Twitter and Instagram, my website traffic has skyrocketed. I have increased my posts to multiple times per day on twitter and created an engaging image for Instagram.

For twitter, I will post about my new content in the morning, midday, and night time. Actually, may be even more.

I will recommend for you to try different times of the day, plan or schedule your posts. As a result, you will see what your followers are responding to better.

Why does this work? Well think about it this way.

If you get 40 likes in the morning on your first tweet, then 40 more on the midday one. You will have 80 likes on your post by mid day. The key to this, is to also write engaging head lines so your users will want to click your link.

This strategy has boosted my content marketing strategy. Actually, within two weeks, I have also started to grow my Instagram followers to 100 new followers per week. As a result,  I am getting traffic from Instagram and Twitter directly to my website.

#3 Strategy to promote new content: Post it on Facebook and boost it

If your audience is on Facebook, you should be promoting your content there. This platform has over 989 million daily users! If you can get 1% of this daily users to read your content, you are on your way to success.

This platform allows you to share content with a targeted audience. Also, you can add $1 or $2 to boost your post.

On a previous post, I spoke about ways to help you market better with Facebook. I will suggest you to read it before you boost a post.

For Facebook there are a few strategies you want to use. First, start with a catchy headline. Second, if you can, share it directly from your website. Third, add an image to the post through Facebook. Last, see which is the best time to boost your post.

#4 Strategy to promote new content: Join and post on social media groups

If you are part of social media groups on Facebook or Linkedin, use this to your advantage. One thing to keep in mind, is that the content you are about to share needs to be relevant to the group.

Let’s say you are not part of any big groups yet, why not start with a like and comment on a group? These type of groups allow you to build a huge reach as it benefits you and the other group members.

#5 Strategy to promote new content: Research people who have interest in your topic

While you were working on your content, you most likely reached a few other articles.

Use the URLS you find on Google and search for them on Twitter. As result, you will be able to see who has shared them or liked the posts.

Once you have done this, communicate with them through a direct message. Also, you can create email templates for occasions like this, you can ask them to read your article, and if liked, let them share it.

#6 Strategy to promote new content: Turn your content into a slide or guide

Your content can take shape in more than one place. If you are looking at Slideshare, they have over 10 million unique visitors every month. Also, this slide sharing website ranks in the top 100 websites world wide.

When using slider share, make sure you optimize the description and title of your slides. One thing to note, is that this application allows Google and Bing to crawl the page.

In most of my post you will see an ‘add email to download guide‘. The reason behind this, is that my users are not online all the time. Most of them have tablets and smart phones, where they can download my content and read it at any time they want.

The above strategy can also help you create an email list, that will help you to do the first strategy in this post.

Conclusion on Content Marketing

To get the most results from your content marketing strategy, you will have to increase content promotion efforts.

The methods I have outlined are the content marketing strategies I am currently using. Also, most successful digital marketers are implementing them to see the best results.

Now it is your turn to start creating great content marketing campaigns.
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