6 WordPress plugins that every website needs

If you are using WordPress to blog or to run your business website, then you know you need a great website.

On your daily routine you will find yourself doing the following:

  • writing blogs
  • sharing
  • responding to what your users are saying.

But to do all these you need certain key elements to help you have a fast and reliable website.

Before you dive into ensuring you have fast website, ensure the user-experience is great.

To designers who want to learn about UX, make sure to check out theskool channel on youtube. Chris Do and Jose Caballer teach how to design with the user in mind.

At LionDevelopment I have noticed a few trends. On projects where UX was not key, we are seeing more than 57% drop offs. but, on projects where UX was key, users stay up to 15 mins.


The websites were design for their use and interaction. Also, attractive websites get your user’s attention.

Now that we know what UX can do, let’s keep something in  mind. The plugins I am about to share might not help you with the UX, but they can help with the experience of your site a bit.

Let’s begin by talking about wordpress plugins that will help speed up your WordPress website

#1 W3 Total Cache: One of the biggest issues I heard from people who use WordPress is that the websites are too slow. Guess what? because of technology our attention spam is lower, and if we cannot get to something fast, we move on to the next one.

If your site takes more than 2 seconds to load, you will noticed a great amount of drop offs. If you are interesting in seeing the time your site takes to load check out MOZ extension for chrome. It is a FREE extension.

W3 Total Cache is a plugin for eliminating re-downloading of redundant data on browser. It can create static caches for each page so that it is dynamically loaded on each page load.

#2 Wp – Smush: One of the biggest issues that I can see on most websites is the images. But, how can you have great quality images if the file size is small? It is possible!

Here is where this plugin comes in. Wp-Smush allows you to compress images  by compressing extra hidden information of the images.

There is a FREE version to this plugin that allows you to smush 50 images at a time. If you would like to bulk smush images, you can get the pro version for just a few bucks.

For those who need more quality images, checkout a website named www.tinypng.com. It allows you to compress images up to 80% and keep a great quality!

#3 Gzip Ninja Compressor: It is a simple plugin that allows you to quickly compress and GZip your site. Only Works On Apache Servers (almost all WordPress installs are on Apache Servers). This will give you the ability to increase your speed and even your rank in Google from a speed increase

Now to getting new leads with WordPress

#4 Wishpond Plugin: This plugin is one of a kind! It allows you to create amazing Landing Pages for your website or product. It comes with a simple lead management dashboard and many templates.

It is not all FREE, but the FREE version allows you to do a lot with it. If you have a few extra bucks on your budget you should get one of the paid packages. It will be money well invested.

#5 HelloBar: If you know about Neil Patel then I am sure you know about HelloBar. This plugin has a free version that allows you create pop ups. From promoting a product, to getting  Facebook likes.


The FREE version allows you to create pops ups, but not 100% customized and with the HelloBar Logo. You will most likely have seen the version we have once you entered our home page here at Lion Development.

Let’s talk about SEO plugins for WordPress

#6 Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin: Search engine optimization is a requirement for any website on the internet no if, ands, or buts.

To have your website to be in the good graces of Google, then you need to make sure your website is as SEO friendly.

The Yoast SEO plugin will make your life easier by showing you if the content you create on your website is SEO friendly.

It will comb over each blog post and page and give you a checklist of what you can improve so that Google can discover it.


As we all know WordPress is King for CMS with awesome functionalities. As a website owner you will need this CMS to be running smooth and fast. A few plugins can make this work.

Here I only mentioned 6 plugins that can help you improve your online performance. There are many plugins available at the moment for WordPress

Are there any other plugins that you have used to help you improve certain aspects of your site? Share with me by commenting below.

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