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We can help you achieve your business goals and solve the marketing problems you are facing.


We understand you want your business to succeed. But the Digital world can be difficult to understand and to adapt. With so many new marketing methods, it is difficult to know which to choose and which to drop.

How do we know this? We have been through it as well.

In the last 5 years we have learned a few things that removed all the pain-points from our growth. As a result, we able to bring to you a team that understand the digital marketing world, businesses, branding and how to align your business with the right audience.

It is not only about being on Facebook or having a website. It is about understanding how you can turn a new person into a paying customer. Also, about growing your business audience and making people understand why your product is key.

This is what we do. We help you align your business to the right audience using the right tools of the modern world.

Learn the 10 tactics we have used to generate over 10 X more impressions and followers on Instagram.

We like to be transparent, hence we love to share tactics we have used to build our brands and help our customers acheive success in Social Media.

Within the last 1 month, we have been able to generate over 7,000 daily impressions on Instagram and over 1,000 daily followers on Facebook and Instagram for a Fitness and Health brand we created to test our techniques. 

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“Working with Lion Development has been an absolute pleasure. They’ve built and managed my website, along with my social media and marketing strategies and tactics. They offer immediate advise and consultations, along with frequent and consistent feedback and reports on the website and social media accounts’ progress. They are currently in the process of building yet another website for me and I can’t wait to see what they have in store. Fantastic company that prides itself on its high level of professionalism and customer service. I would recommend without hesitation.”
Kristi Chang – Premium Quality Group of Companies


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We tend to work with companies and business owners in 3 ways.


We help you to make your business online and available 24 / 7

We help you transform your business into an online platform that allows your customers to find you 24 / 7, while helping you maintain and adapt the experience your customers will have physically with you, but on the web.


We help businesses gain customers every month

We work towards executing proofed strategies that have helped our customers and ourselves bring in new customers every month through social media,
website design, search engine optimization and much more.


We work towards adapting your business for growth

We only work with customers who are willing to make a change and bring their business to match their goals. Hence, we help you adapt your strategy on a monthly basis to ensure you do not go one month without seeing changes.

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